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Pro Grip Walkway System | CS Roofing Systems

Pro-Grip Walkway System

Abrasion resistance, non-skid surface, UV resistance

Increase Your Roof’s Durability:

Excessive foot traffic, dropping tools and general wear and tear can all result in significant damage to your roof and decrease its overall performance. That is why we developed the Pro-Grip Walkway System, designed to both enhance the abrasion resistance of your roof surface while also providing a non-skid walking surface.


There are many other systems designed to protect your roof, but they all share the same problems: none of them are as simple as ours and they don’t last for the duration of the warranty period.

Other systems often involve reinforcing your roof surface or installing a protective deck, both of which are complicated, time-consuming, and expensive. Our system, however, is made up of only two parts, can be installed in only four simple steps, can be completed in a day, and will last as long as the warranty on your roof does. That is why our system is the best choice for increasing your roof’s durability: it is extremely simple and effective.


Walkway Coating – The first part of our walkway system – Walkway Coating – is a 100% silicone coating that is very similar to our other silicone coatings. The differences are its bright color and special high-build formulation. The high-build formulation permits thicker installation in a single application.

Pro-Grip Walkway Granules – The second half of our system is our Walkway Granules. They are essentially tiny rocks that have been given a bright yellow color to match the Walkway Coating. Once installed, the granules provide a rigid, flat surface that increases the roof’s abrasion resistance, provides a non-skid surface for all workers and improves the UV resistance of the roof surface.


Our walkway system can provide many different surfaces with a rigid, durable, and effective walkway system, including:
PVC, TPO, EPDM, Hypalon, Metal, Spray Foam, Silicone